Catfishing in Online Dating

Catfishing Breaks More Hearts in Online Dating

In India, online dating has gained significant popularity, and the scenario is evolving with more people turning to dating apps to find love and companionship. However, the prevalence of catfishing and deceptive practices remains a concern.

The Indian government has taken steps to regulate online dating platforms, with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) issuing guidelines for online dating apps in 2021. These guidelines aim to protect the rights and interests of users, including measures to prevent the spread of fake profiles and misleading content.

Online dating platforms can take several steps to curb catfishing, including implementing features such as photo verification, video profiles, and facial recognition. These measures aim to ensure that users are honest about their identities, thus reducing the prevalence of fake profiles and deceptive behaviour. Some specific steps and features that online dating platforms can adopt include:
  1. Photo Verification: Requiring users to upload a photo of themselves in specific poses suggested by the app, which is then vetted by moderators to ensure authenticity
  2. Video Profiles: Allowing users to upload video profiles, making it more difficult for individuals to pretend to be someone else
  3. Facial Recognition: Implementing facial recognition technology to verify the identity of users, thus making it harder for individuals to create fake accounts
  4. Identity Verification: Requiring users to verify their identity using government-issued IDs and corroborating selfies, providing a more secure and authentic online dating experience
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