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Online Safety

Online Safety is about Behavior, it is The Informed Use of Devices, Sites, Apps & Gaming & Online Behavior that makes for a Safe Online Environment. In today's cyber times it has become essential both at personal and professional level.

Our team of experts has been engaging with online safety for the past 5 years, with an experience of over 500 workshops in the space. We have worked together with schools, colleges, corporates, law enforcement agencies, consulates, social media platforms building capacities of participants.

Workshop Content

Our online safety workshop will provide participants with the information and tools to navigate the cyber space with ease. In our interactive session we ensure that all queries are answered, ensuring the participant gain confidence to explore the web and have an awesome experience at the same time.


Participants will learn the positive practices to follow in the cyberspace, along with understanding the basics of data privacy, how not to be a victim of cyber fraud, fall for fake news and misinformation. Plus get information on where to reach out to for help and guidance.

Methodology and Process

Each workshop is customized to the participants, we send in a pre workshop assessment form with is a must for each participant to fill in, based on which we create a module. The duration and structure of the modules as per the requirement and availability of the participants.

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