Tackling Misinformation

Tackling Misinformation to Protect India's Democratic Process

In recent times, the proliferation of misinformation via digital platforms has become one of the most pressing challenges facing democracies around the world.
Action Against Non-Regulation of Deepfakes

Action Against Non-Regulation of Deepfakes

As the digital realm evolves, so do the challenges we face with technologies like Deepfakes. These digitally altered videos are more than just tech marvels;
Indian Elections 2024

SORA Makes It Hard To #KeepItReal In Indian Elections 2024

OpenAI recently unveiled SORA, a text-to-video tool that has sparked significant interest and concern among AI enthusiasts, researchers, and journalists.
Battle Begins to #KeepItReal

Battle Begins to #KeepItReal

Welcome to our adventurous blog series, #KeepItReal, where we delve into the profound impact of misinformation on 125 Million first-time voters in India. In a nation on the brink of pivotal change, the 2024 General Elections stand as a testament to the power of informed decision-making. Our comprehensive research, encapsulated in the
The Impact of Misinformation

The Impact of Misinformation on First-Time Voters and Strategies to Combat It #KeepItReal

First-time voters are particularly vulnerable to the impact of misinformation and fake news during election periods. Misinformation can take various forms,
Unveiling the Impact of Misinformation on India's First-Time Voters

Navigating the Truth: Unveiling the Impact of Misinformation on India's First-Time Voters

In a world where digital information is at our fingertips, discerning fact from fiction has never been more challenging. As India gears up for the 2024 General Elections, Social & Media Matters, a vanguard in
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