Contextual Challenges in Content Moderation

Contextual Challenges in Content Moderation

In this blog, I would like to discuss the role of recommender algorithms as tools for the visibility management of unpleasant content over a social media platform.
Perils Of The Digital Age

Perils Of The Digital Age: Challenges And Solutions In Content Regulation On Technology Platforms

Continuous attempts are failing! We are frequently asked to report abusive or improper content on platforms such as
Why India Fails On Child Online Safety

3 Reasons Why India Fails On Child Online Safety

Having worked on this problem for over a decade, one sees the solutions as clear as the stars in Ladakh. But before we go there, lets just talk numbers,
Safety on Social Media

Trust and Safety on Social Media: Navigating the Crucial Challenges in India

In the digital age, trust and safety on social media are not just operational concerns but foundational pillars crucial for maintaining
Gangs of Cyberpur

Gangs of Cyberpur: Online Shaadi + Matrimonial = Pyaar Nahi Dhoka Hai

Read At Your Own Risk! As it might become very difficult to dupe you online after you know these tricks.
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