Out of Control: Target Marketing

I just came across this report called "Out of Control", its a study done by Norwegian Consumer Council. It's about “How consumers are exploited by the online advertising industry “to the extent where after reading it you might just question yourself about Do I even have a free choice?

The terms and conditions we agree to without reading make it possible for the apps to walk the greyline, acquire and even sell our data. They are able to exploit low levels of user awareness and ensure they do not cross the line into illegality.

The report details how adding data points, online advertisers are able to target individuals. Many critics would raise an eyebrow and say how this is different from old school market research. Well for starters the scale, then the speed and finally the larger question of consent of the user.

Am I being asked if I am ok with my sexual preference being shared with people I don't know, Am I alright with my religious practices being known to extremists? Also who protects me in case of a data breach? Will the companies storing my data be the ones responsible for the losses I suffer when my data is misused.

The great hack clearly highlights how elections can be hacked. Well I think it's time we woke up to data privacy, raised awareness and had discussions on it.

India awaits its data protection bill which has been discussed for over 2 years now. We would love to know what you think about it. Or are you even aware of it? Do comment!
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