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We all love WhatsApp, it’s for free, most people are on it, and is way cheaper than an SMS. For friends living abroad, it’s the quickest way to stay in touch. So I thought these 5 famous safety tips are a must for you to have an awesome time online.

1. The most important part of our online lives! #Privacy, yeah you can choose what is visible to the general public and what is not, you reach this option by clicking on Settings > Account > Privacy

Whatsapp Settings

2. Another important feature, missed by most in the digital world is #BackUp, yup for all of those using whatsapp professionally, or just like saving their chats, this is an awesome feature. Can be used by clicking on Settings > Chats> Chat Backup > Back Up Now

Whatspp Chat BackUp

3. Be a star! Got a favorite message? Just want to remind yourself of that beautiful moment? It’s simple, just click on that message for 2 seconds and the image will show up.


4. Want to keep your WhatsApp just for yourself? You can password protect it with apps like WhatsLock


5. Now your computer can whatsapp as well. #YesWeCan, all you have to do is On your computer go to web.whatsapp.com and then on your phone go to Settings > WhatsApp Web. Then scan the QR code on your computer screen from your phone.

Have fun, would love to know more tips and tricks regarding #WhatsApp

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