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The online space is steadily turning into a domain of choice for many people wanting to speak out about certain social issues, or raise their voices. One of the most preferred platforms for people to share their opinions, engage in discussions and learn about other perspectives is microblogging site Twitter.

As the number of Twitter users has increased to an incredible 320 million, what has also risen are the cases of online abuse and harassment. Twitter Safety has been working constantly to ensure that reporting mechanisms are updated at regular intervals, to incorporate new kind of threats, and that these measures are user friendly.

Last week Twitter Safety announced an improvement to reporting harassment online. Yesterday, Twitter Safety three new changes were introduced to the user experience, which will give them more control over the information they see. The three primary changes are:

  1. Stopping the creation of new abusive accounts
  2. Introducing safer search results
  3. Collapsing potentially abusive or low-quality Tweets:

To promote a safer online environment for Twitter users in India, they are partnering with experts from a wide range of organisations that enable them to receive continuous feedback on their safety mechanisms and produce educational resources for our diverse users. CSR is happy to partner with Twitter in this initiative of theirs, in a combined effort to promote gender equality. We have conducted four TweeSurfing workshops last year in Coimbatore, Leh, Noida and Punjab, on how to use Twitter safely and in an enjoyable manner. We hope to take this initiative forward in a big way!


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