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Social networking platforms have really revolutionized how people communicate with each other and disseminate information through means of the internet. With over 313 million active users monthly, twitter has emerged as one of the leading social media platforms in the last few years. With each networking site trying to introduce new features to attract a greater number of users, Twitter, the micro blogging app, has also recently rolled out new features for its app and website in order to make it more user and business friendly.

The first new feature allows users who can receive messages from users who don’t follow their account to filter the same. In addition to the ‘messages’ tab in the inbox there will now be another tab labeled ‘requests’ that will display messages from unknown users and allow you to either accept or delete the message. Accepting a message will then shift all accepted messages from the requests tab to the inbox tab. This feature also allows users to preview media sent by unknown users only once they accept requests thus, restricting exposure to any sort of nasty or inappropriate media.

The purpose of this feature is to encourage users to engage with other users via Direct Messages and keep them open, while also establishing a mechanism to avoid unwanted communication and protect users against any sort of abuse or bullying.

As a part of the same update, Twitter also introduced a feature to make advertising for businesses easier and more effective. Called the ‘Direct Messages Card’, this feature allows businesses to capture people’s attention with engaging images or creative videos and can include up to four call-to-action buttons, which can be customized. Once a user selects one of the call-to-action options, it starts a conversation in their direct messages. The Direct Message Card thus, lets people pick from multiple “conversation-starters” that then unfolds as a conversation in the Direct Message tab led by bots representing a business. This enables a form of personalized advertising that gives businesses the opportunity to engage with their prospective clients over private messaging, given that consumers today prefer messaging to interact with businesses over telephonic conversations. The Direct Message Card feature, open only for Twitter Advertisers allow businesses to upgrade their customer service and boost its overall brand image on Twitter.

The new features thus, aim at making Twitter and safer and more pleasant platform for its users on the one hand and increasing scope for personalized advertising on the other. While the feature of filtering messages from unknown users has proven to be a positive addition as seen by the overall usage and experience of the same on Facebook, the effectiveness of the Direct Messages Card will only be determined with its usage over time.

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