Troll Police- The New Show on the Block!

Internet has flourished all over, not surprisingly, people have started to misuse it. The latest reality show on MTV talks about this very phenomenon, and addresses the issue of trolling and cyber bullying.

The series starring Rannvijay Singha initiates a dialogue between celebrities and their trolls. It addresses the harsh reality that people have been trolled in the online as well as in the offline spaces. It also aims to address the psychology of trolls, and how trolling impacts the daily lives of celebrities. In the first episode Tapsee Pannu was featured, while in the second episode Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalia were present. In the recently aired episode, RJ Malishka was featured.

Humiliation, slut-shaming and body-shaming are some of the incidences which are very common in trolling and bullying, done by those who are known for their anonymity in the virtual community. This brings about the need to discuss the sensitivity nature of online behavior and careful usage of language, to avoid bitter consequences. These episodes have been mapped by the experts, who are investigating these cases to find out the faces behind the trolls.

In our opinion, the series has both positives and negatives; as on one side it generates awareness and educates about heinous crimes in the cyber space, while on the other hand it also makes a spectacle of and glorifies trolling. Also, the inputs of law makers and policy makers must be incorporated, so as to obtain a holistic picture regarding trolling and its consequences.

At, Centre for Social Research, our hard implemented initiatives #SocialSuring and #TweeSurfing, with Facebook and Twitter, deal with the issue of online safety and cyber etiquette. Under these programs, the team visits the colleges and interacts with youth talking about the code of conduct of cyber safety. At large, the team has also developed web resources and handbook which can be used as a resource material for reference.

You may also connect with us in case you are seeking any support for issues pertaining to online safety as we address the cases of cyber security.


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