#Whatsapp Safety Tips: Do Not Download Unverified Attachments!

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It’s a basic etiquette we all email users learned, downloading an unverified attachment is a bad idea. Usually it’s some sort of a scam. Let’s talk about the latest one doing rounds in India on Whatsapp. If you receive a random forwarded message with an attachment


I can assure you it’s a virus! It provides your personal details to the sender. Hence highly recommend not downloading it. For anyone who has downloaded it, please run a virus scan on your phone right away to ensure it is removed. Here are some of the top android virus scans apps. Easily downloadable from Google Play Store.

Google Play Store AntiVirus

Another good setting for check it the auto download setting on Whatsapp, Go to Settings and then Data Usage

Whatsapp Settings

Then one by one on each option of When Using Mobile Data/Wifi/Roaming and unmark each of the option.

Whatsapp Data Usage

This will ensure that you choose the attachment’s you want to download; it saves data, and also forms and extra layer of security. Happy WhatsApping 🙂

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