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Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem” – Phil Donahue

World Health Organization defines suicide as “the act of deliberately killing oneself”. One of the leading causes of death in India, particularly among women, and youth, it is disheartening that the number of suicide cases in India, are rising by the year. Many of the suicides in India can be attributed to academic, professional and social pressures.

Keeping this in mind, it is heartening to see that Facebook has released certain new features, by which those who are contemplating suicide, or those who know such a person, can reach out and connect to a wide variety of resources to using Facebook Live and Messenger, and artificial intelligence technology. Additionally, this feature allows one to connect to a helpline or to a friend.

Today we're introducing updated tools and resources for people who may be contemplating suicide, as well as the support we offer to their concerned friends and family members. Now our suicide prevention tools for Facebook posts will be available on Live videos in real time. People watching will have the option to reach out to the person directly and also report the stream to us. We also provide additional resources to assist that person in helping their friend. The person using Live will see a set of options as they are streaming. They can now choose to reach out to a friend, contact a helpline or see tips. Experts say that the best way to prevent suicide is for those in distress to hear from people who care about them. We are also launching a campaign with partners around the world to raise awareness and encourage people to reach out if they see a friend is in distress. When friends are in need, reaching out can make a difference.

Facebook Safety 发布于 2017年3月1日

Centre for Social Research is proud to be a part of the Facebook Safety Advisory Board, and here is what Mr. Amitabh Kumar, Head of Media and Communications, had to say about this new feature : “It is great to see social media platforms taking proactive steps towards curbing self harm. As the lines between our virtual and actual lives blur, digital crisis intervention would be essential and this move is a positive step. We definitely need to spread awareness about this feature.”
With enough users to make up a country of its own, Facebook is a reflection of our society as it is. Many of the problems of our real world, are manifested in the online spaces, in various ways. Thus, it is of great relevance that Facebook is attempting to deal with mental health issues and incidents of suicide, in its own way. Social media has grown to be an inextricable part of our life, and thus it is only fair that it is used for the betterment of society, and to bring about social change.
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