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Instagram has launched new safety tools for better online experience. Now Instagrammers can turn off ‘Comments’ for their posts, remove followers and report to Instagram about self-injury posts. Like Facebook, Instagram now has the Two Factor Authentication which ensures that no one apart from the genuine account holder, can access the social media account. It has also come up with the concept of ‘Instameet’ so that kindness as a humanitarian need, can Trend.

When in life everything seems to be falling apart, you need to tune in some hope. Social media always comes to the rescue with its serotonin bullets in the form of motivational quotes that does the rounds on Facebook, images of exotic people, places and food that are floated on Instagram or someone Tweeting a lot of love to go over the internet. That may backfire in FOMOCs (Fear-Of-Missing-Out-Case when people feel that all the amazing things are happening to everyone except themselves.) Barring the FOMOCs, social media usually does more good even along such bad patches.

Tapping into instinctive altruism in people, social media agencies have made it their principle to institutionalize philanthropy and dig into the goodness reservoir to pass it around the world. Facebook has beefed up its security so that everyone in it can ‘Just Be’. Twitter and Instagram have now followed suit. Facebook and Twitter have also devised ways to actively engage in creating humane values in a world where happiness is that ever-flimsy and ever-fragile mirage. The aforementioned agencies invest in creating better people to have better social media engagements.

When I read the Instagram news, I felt happy to know that there is a world in the making which wants to make it own self better. I grew up as a 90’s kid in India where Television was the biggest source of vice. After which, any culturally deviant behavior of the child was attributed to him or her making ‘Errant Friends’. Parents rarely took the onus of the flawed social conditioning and did not think much of making small things matter significantly. Back then (before privatization and globalization and other ‘tions’), making ends meet was their topmost worry.

If this is the close of the millennium’s second decade, it is heartening to note strides that are being made to preserve love and kindness. In an era of refugee crisis, climate change and nuclear threats; every day social media engages with the people of the world to remind them what matters the most – peace and people.

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