Discussing Social Media for Social Change with students of Sri Aurobindo College, Delhi

On 11th April 2018, Ms Pratishtha Arora and Ms Suhasini Mukherjee, went to Sri Aurobindo College of University of Delhi, for a #SocialSurfing workshop with about 112 students of the institution.

The workshop began with an introduction and felicitation of our trainers by the team at Sri Aurobindo College. The first activity was the brainstorming quiz, where some questions were asked, to break the ice- Who is the most followed Indian on Facebook; what is the percentage of Indian population on Internet; what is the percentage of Social media users in India.

The workshop discussed the issue of the importance of communication in cyber spaces, especially on social media platforms. Our trainers spoke about using social media for social change, and the final activity for the students was to make social media campaigns. The themes provided to them were – a) #ReportingIsSupporting on Facebook; b) #ReportingIsSupporting on Whatsapp; c) Save the Girl, and d) Self Defence.

The entire session was very engaging and students came up with innovative ideas for using social media platforms to bring about social change.

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