Fight Phishing- Facebook Ups its Security Tools

Phishing is an attempt by hackers to trick people into disclosing sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details. Hackers often send emails disguised as messages from companies like Facebook as a guise of authenticity.

In a bid to fortify its users against phishing in its name, Facebook revealed new safety settings on its platform. Using this, users can verify if the mail has been sent by Facebook or by someone else. Check this out with some simple steps below-

First, Go to your drop down settings page on Facebook *

Second, Click on Security and Login **

Third, The final step is selecting See recent emails from Facebook ***

On clicking this, the following page opens up showing you the recent mails Facebook has sent you-

Facebook sends its emails only from and this latest tool helps you check its authenticity. If on checking you find that the mail is fake, you can report it to to report it. If your account it hacked in such a phishing attempt, you can log on to

Cyber security is being taken more and more seriously with internet penetration increasing continuously in India and across the globe. With more users, instances of cyber crimes have increased as well.  In case you (or someone you know) are facing a cyber crime of any kind, you need to report it to the cyber crime cell near you. Download the list of cyber crime cells here.

Security features and tools are coming up every day, but to use them is finally up to us. It’s time to break that silence around cyber abuse.

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