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#CyberCrime is making headlines across India, Twitter accounts being Hacked, PayTM transfers made without user’s knowledge, Strange whatsApp forwards. Our digital world has seen an increase of scam artists and criminals, primarily due to lack of awareness.

Well, there is a lot we can do to keep our web safe. Here are a few steps that can really help your out.

1. Keep your machines free of Virus, Malware. Its super simple, here are some of the top anti-virus programs, please download any one of them on your system right away. If you already possess one, please ensure its up to date.


2. Keep your email super secure. Yes this is usually the weak link in our cyber security, I would highly recommend keeping 2 emails, one for daily use and communication, One for all your logins. As Gmail is one of the largest email provider, I would urge you all to do this Safety check

Google Security Settings

3. Report, Each and every platform, be it social media, messenger or email, gives you the option to report. If you see a suspicious activity, please make it a habit to report. For example on Facebook, when you come across a post you know is suspicious, be proactive and report it.

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