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India is exploring how to use Social Media as a policing solution. Recently many events of communal violence have been blamed on rumors and fake news spread through various digital platforms. The fast and furious nature of the cyber space, requires swiftness on the side of the legal machinery and a positive coordinated effort with the platforms during the time of crisis.

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Of course our Police force is under tremendous pressure from the political leaders to increase surveillance on Social Media. Chief minister Vasundhara Raje, recently asked state police of Rajasthan to keep a close eye on social media activities.

Internet and social media are a reality of our times, and we need to understand this medium in order to use it properly and also to protect ourselves in times of crisis. Traditionally Police has been our first point of contact in case of any criminal activity, even in case of Cyber crime we pretty much resolve to the same mechanism.

Here is the contact of all cyber crime units in India.

Though it must be said there is a great need to build capacities of our Police personnel, at present only a few selected officers truly understand social media platforms. With Increasing digitalization of our daily processes there will be a tremendous spike in cyber crime in India.

There are positive initiatives across the country, from #Twitter Seva in Uttar Pradesh, Meghalaya Police taking a positive step by rolling out social media guide lines for their staff, To Bengaluru Police proactively using it during the Cauvery crisis.

We have a long way to go in India, but then we are the backbone of the global tech industry. I think If we involve our bright minds, we can accelerate the process !

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