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Social media in the 21st century has emerged as more than just a mode of communication. It has empowered users to function not merely as consumers of messages but also as producers of content and information. Being able to do everything with as much as a click has definitely brought the world and opportunities closer but has also brought to the table a series of new risks to our privacy and security.

In order to make sure all of us contribute to a healthy space online while protecting our own identity and privacy, we must keep in mind and practice the following:

  1. Avoid Oversharing Data.

Most social networking sites require users to give out basic information like their birthdays, location and numbers. Giving this data can be extremely hazardous and can be made open to any individual who visits the user’s profile, particularly if the security settings are not set accurately. Besides the basic information that is displayed on your profile it is also important to make sure one does not share details of their location and events or personal information which may be accessible to people with malicious intent.

  1. Beware of Anonymity

The internet gives us all the opportunity to create our own virtual identities which may or may not be like our realities. This gives all users the power to act as someone else from behind a computer and often misuse these platforms. Regardless of the possibility that an individual might be companions with somebody on the site, anybody can take control of a user’s record on the off chance that he or she can acquire the user’s personal information. Therefore, somebody who is a “Companion” can request cash or increase individual data that can be utilized to hack into different records.

  1. Location Based Services

Location based services can be a standout amongst the riskiest components of social media. It uncovers the user’s area and whereabouts. While it can add to your sense of security to be able to share your locations with loved ones, it can likewise build your powerlessness, possibly opening you up to being victimized, sexually attacked, or more. Criminals can utilize this device to track your developments and decide when you are separated from everyone else or when you are not at home.

Social Media thus, is a double edged sword that if used in ignorance can lead to regrettable consequences. As users and content creators we must make use of these platforms with reasonable precaution and responsibility.




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