Google’s New and Improved Safety Policy

In a worldwide announcement made on May 12th, internet giant Google revealed that the company’s privacy policy has changed.

While there are no changes to the information Google collects or how it collects and uses it, there are changes in the language used to Google, so that users know in clear terms what Google is doing. In addition to this, there are now more controls available to the user to aid in the review of Google security, privacy and settings.

The new privacy policy is more user friendly, incorporating videos which explain settings in a user friendly manner. William Malcolm, Director, Privacy Legal EMEA at Google said in a blogpost – “We’ve improved the navigation and organization of the policy to make it easier to find what you’re looking for; explained our practices in more detail and with clearer language; and added more detail about the options you have to manage, export, and delete data from our services. The policy now also includes explanatory videos and illustrations, because a visual description can be easier to understand than text alone. And we’ve made it easier to jump to your privacy settings directly from the policy, helping you make choices about your privacy.”

In today’s world, most of the internet platforms today are facing a crisis of sorts with regard to protection from cyber crime, as a result of controversies coming up every second with regard to data privacy, data theft and the issue of users not knowing how and where their personal data is being used. In this scenario, this move by Google proves to be a sort of an antidote to the persistent anxieties among internet users.

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