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Ever been trapped after sundown in the inner circle of Connaught Place, desperately trying to get your mobile data to work so you can book a cab and safely get home? Well, help is here, and from none other than the one you spend all your day with. No, not your boss, not your partner, but Facebook.

Facebook’s latest feature ‘Find Wi-Fi’ comes to India after being tested in other countries for over a year. This new feature enables Facebook users to literally find Wi-Fi networks in her/his nearby locality with a map showing all available spots. These spots could be your local next door café or even the closest Gurudwara and will be shown to you with the help of a map. This comes as a life saver in areas with poor cellular networks and for travelers living on the edge (or not).

To use this feature, simply log on to your Facebook App and follow the steps below-
Step 1-

Step 2-

Step 3-

While in developed countries this feature is aimed at making even the remotest of areas accessible, in a developing country like India, it would be a powerful tool with most users having limited data plans and spotty cellular coverage in general. Providing public access to Wi-Fi will also ensure largely more secure open networks to log in to rather than having users checking in to questionable networks considering the recent spate of cyber attacks. All that businesses would have to do to opt for this option and get seen on the Facebook map of local Wi-Fi networks would be to state on their Facebook page that they offer free Wi-Fi thereby also increasing their visibility and resultant footfall.

This feature will be a major thrust for Facebook Live which Facebook has been trying to promote and will do wonders to better the quality of real-time information sharing, news, and viral-esque video content with users getting connected to a live audience like never before!

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