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Pretty much when you have figured out how to manage diapers you need to get started on How to explain the Internet. Yup gone are the days when Parents were the encyclopedia. Now we have Google, Facebook, Twitter, and whether you like it or not, your kids will access it. And they should, considering the internet has become an integral part of today’s society.

Social media platforms are the new hangouts for kids, that where they meet and greet their friends, plus its also an ocean of information. For parents the online spaces have to be pretty much like offline spaces, where one allows kids to venture out, make discoveries, yet informs and enables them to stay safe.

Though to be able to this, Parents need to build their own capacities and understanding of the cyber medium. We have gone through a couple of them ourselves, and highly encourage you to read them. Starting with is the Amazing Facebook Parental portal.

My personal favorite is the tips section.

Facebook Parenting Tips

I would encourage you to spend 15 minutes of your day, engage with the information provided and you will be a super cyber parent 

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