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For more than a decade now, Facebook has revolutionized social interaction, and communication across the world, among people of diverse cultures and a myriad of ages. With its constantly changing updates, and introduction of new features periodically, Facebook is a trendsetter, and the ‘King’ among all social media platforms.

Now, Facebook has introduced Graphic Interchange Format, or commonly known as ‘GIF’ on its platform. Now, users have the option of not only using text and images to comment, they can also use GIFs to express their feelings more accurately. While this option was rolled out on the Facebook messenger last year, it is only now that it has been incorporated on the app and desktop versions, as part of the comment bar.

While social media has certainly made communication extremely easy, and on everyone’s fingertips, it has also created many new ways in which miscommunication can occur. Many users often end up arguing over and misunderstanding the use of emoticons, and the ‘Like’ button, for sensitive issues. With the use of GIFs, we hope that users are able to express their feelings better on social media, and make it a safe and fun place for everyone.

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