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Naked, a short film directed by Rakesh Kumar featuring Kalki Koechlin touches upon a very sensitive but unfortunately suppressed issue of violence against women in the online spaces. The plot perfectly encapsulates the hesitation of an entertainment journalist Ria who is forced to encash a leaked video of popular actress Sandy. The beautifully narrated response of Sandy towards the ‘leaked video’ is the USP of Naked.

naked film

The society as a whole has only progressed with discussion on violence against women but hasn’t accepted all forms of atrocities as crimes. While the leaked video was part of a film which otherwise people would have seen too but because it was leaked it became scandalous. Wonder why rapists, murderers, harassers haven’t been scandalous enough for us?

There have been numerous cases where actors and commoners have been constantly bullied down and harassed by the media and society on absolutely baseless allegations. Character assassination has never been taken too seriously and it has been ruining many lives since ever.

The actress Sandy, has brilliantly taken a stand and simply made her point that bold does not mean a person does not have emotions and are available for backlash at any time the world wants. Any sort of hate speech hurts a popular figure as much as it hurts a commoner.

The film takes upon two sensitive issues: One is how a woman is stereotyped by media and the society on the basis of her profession and dubious ideologies. Second is the lack of awareness on cyber-crimes and the non-acceptance of cyber-crimes as serious concerns.

With the increasing user base of social media, the power to have conversations, initiate dialogues, express opinions has increased. People from diverse backgrounds, experiences and thought processes are coming together on the virtual spaces and using social media as tools to speak up. As much as it has empowered the users, the dark side of it has been unfortunate for some, mostly women. Real life issues like harassment, teasing, obscene messaging, etc. have been transferred to the virtual spaces and it is ironical that the law enforcement agencies has not been able to take stringent actions on cyber-crimes yet. We cannot ignore any nuisance just because it took place on a virtual medium. It is equally torturous for anyone to be harassed, blackmailed or be bullied at the online spaces.

What we need today is sensitization of the society and the law enforcement agencies to first respect anyone as humans and not stereotype professions in any manner. Secondly, the increasing rate of cyber-crimes can be controlled if we have strict guidelines and punishments for the offenders in place. The stakeholders and the government has to work in tandem so that these spaces can prove to be platforms for voices rather than disgraceful acts.

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