Redressal Mechanisms for Cyber Crimes in India

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The 21st century has brought to us new communication technologies and advancements that pose subtle yet powerful threats to the evolving society. Along with traditional forms of security, our society now faces a unique and rapidly emerging threat in the form of cyber crimes. In 2016, there were almost 40,000 cyber crime cases reported in India. With the numbers only increasing every year there is an urgent need to establish effective relief mechanisms for action against cyber criminals and relief to the victims.

Redressal Mechanisms for Cyber Crimes in India

Multinational corporations and governments of various countries are employing and training manpower to equip them with the skills required in tackling cyber crime and tracing the people behind such attacks. In India, the government has taken concrete measures to establish mechanisms taking complaints of victims and providing relief to them. To tackle problems like hacking, credit card fraud and phishing, cyber terrorism and virus dissemination, a number of cyber crime cells have been opened up across various cities in India. Falling under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Investigation Departments, 21 cities in India have been equipped with cyber crime cells where officials work tirelessly to file and investigate such cases. The cyber cell in Chennai for example, receives over 400 complaints everyday from all over the state, broadly involving phishing calls and online harassment of women.

As active users of the internet and social networking sites each one of us must be equipped with the knowledge required to safeguard our systems and our online presence to avoid being victims of cyber crimes but must at the same time also know the procedure to access available redressal mechanisms. To file a complaint regarding cyber crimes, one must first and foremost write letter or submit an application to the closest cyber crime cell with the basic details like the victims name, phone number and address along with the server logs, website details or any other relevant information that will supplement the officer’s investigation process. In addition to this, the officers must also be made aware of the impact or the loss one may suffer as a result of the attack to help them identify the motive of the attackers and consequently zero down potential suspects. The Central government has also decided to set up mechanisms that will facilitate online filing of such cases so that people will no longer be needed to physically go to police stations to file the same. Each complaint filed on this portal will automatically direct the information to the State police department to take further action on the same. All cyber crime cells set up in the cities also have active email accounts where any citizen can request information or help in a situation where they are being attacked by cyber criminals. While there are adequate mechanisms to address cyber crimes and help cyber crime victims, as users we must always use spaces on the internet with caution and always report anything that fosters negativity and speak up about the same.

Download the list of Cyber Crime Cells in India

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