Netizens Are The First And Final Frontier To Beat #CyberCrime

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The Supreme Court on Monday asked internet majors Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook for their responses to a petition for cracking down on cybercrimes, especially the sharing on social media of sexual-offence videos.

Beat Cyber Crime

I think this is a brilliant opportunity to get user’s involved in our effort to curb #cybercrime. Learning from Youtube, who created an amazing Heroes program, involving volunteers to help improve Youtube, by flagging inappropriate content, adding captions and subtitles to videos and sharing knowledge with other users.

Expanding this idea further to the Internet, we can empower Netizens to flag off criminal content. This will not only help identify the content at an early stage, plus also help spread awareness amongst users.

Major reason why negative content finds home on the Internet is the inability for users to take action against it. If we build a simple yet comprehensive reporting mechanism this hurdle can be jumped easily. For the past two years we have conducted over 100 workshops interacting with 10,000 millennial on topic’s like #OnlineSafety, #CyberBullying, #CounterSpeech, #CyberCrime. Its been an inspiring experience as young India is taking on the Internet, though the negative content is surely leading to women shying away from the cyber space.

I hope tech giants will take up a creative stand against #CyberCrime.

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