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Instagram is a wonderland for all of us loving pictures, yeah picture do speak way louder than words. As easy as it is to load pics on Insta, we can also totally customize our experience in this pictorial palace.

For example, if you want to keep your pictures private and to yourself you can do that simple by going in your privacy settings, Just go to options, scroll down to account and swipe to make your account private.


Yet again if you want to express yourself to the world, and are getting bothered by a selected few users, there are options to deal with them. Its simple, go to their profile, click on options and viola, you can block the user, if they are posting content which violates community guidelines you can even report them.


Recently Instagram has added a new feature for all the good Samaritans out there. If you feel your friend is going through a tough time and really needs help, or is in a position of self harm you can help them get connected to organizations that offer help, the whole process is completely anonymous.
Anonymous Reporting for Self-Injury Posts

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