5 Tweesurfing Videos You Need to Watch to Ride the Waves on Twitter

Our #Tweesurfing project with Twitter India, is a one of a kind, online safety initiative, which uses video interviews of a variety of Twitter influencers, to help social media users understand the nuances of a safe and beneficial Twitter experience.

For your benefit, dear reader, we have compiled a short list of 5 of our favourite videos, which outline some key tips and tricks. These will definitely help you navigate the world of Twitter! Stay tuned for more such lists, and log on to Tweesurfing for all the videos!

1. @mojorojo’s Questions to Self before Tweeting

Ace Comic Rohan Joshi, one of our first Tweesurfers, urges you to ask yourself certain questions before voicing your opinion on Twitter, to avoid unpleasantness and hate on social media.

2. @awryaditi’s excellent step-by-step tutorial on cultivating a Twitter Timeline

One of India’s top female stand up comics, Aditi Mittal, shares some pro-tips on how to cultivate a tailor made Twitter Timeline. If you have signed up for Twitter and don’t know who to follow, THIS is the video to watch!

3. @CPBlr’s Tips on Effective Usage of Social Media for Social Change

Bengaluru Police is known to be very active on social media, and using innovative techniques to reach out to different demographics. We spoke to the Police Commissioner of Bengaluru, who discussed some ways in which the messaging on Twitter, has led to impact on the ground. If you run a social media campaign on an issue concerning social change, this could be the inspiration you’ve been looking for!

4. @sandygrains on the power of ‘Mute’

Science writer Sandhya Ramesh shared a step by step guide on how to mute people, conversations and words on Twitter- a must watch for those who have yet to try out this amazing feature!

5. @rjstutee draws parallels between facing abuse in real life and online

One of Delhi’s top radio jockeys, RJ Stutee, urges people to take action against any hate and abuse directed towards them. If you think Twitter doesn’t pay attention, think twice!

Tweesurfing is a vast storehouse of some amazing people from various diverse fields, discussing their Twitter journeys. There is much to learn from this initiative- do log on to the website!

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